How to game share on PS4?

In this article, we will find out how to buy games for PlayStation 4. You will also learn how to share your library of games purchased on PSN with a friend and how to deactivate PS4.

Why people choose PS4?

Even those who are far from the video game industry and have never held a joystick in their hands have no doubt heard of a gaming console like the Sony PlayStation.

Pros of PS4:

  • A game designed for several players. There are many social games on the PS4, such as Just Dance or games from the PlayLink line.
  • Easy HDD replacement. To do this, remove the special cover and unscrew one screw – and you can put a larger drive or change it with an SSD.
  • Easy to use and presentative and interface. Even if you are running the console for the first time, a few minutes will be enough to understand.
  • Small size. You also do not need to install any drivers or operating systems.
  • A computer that “pulls” the same games as the PS4 will cost many times more.

In general, there are two obvious ways to get games for PS4 – digital distribution and physical media with the help of Blu-ray discs.

Why do you need a subscription?

After you have purchased and connected your console, you need to register in the system and subscribe to the company’s online service. Unfortunately, without this, you will not be able to access online and online games, and their “local” capabilities are very limited.

In addition, with a Playstation Plus subscription you will have access to:

  • Monthly free games package;
  • Various bonuses and game avatars;
  • Automatic download of updates and patches;
  • Beta version of new games,
  • Cloud storage for your user data,
  • And also to discounts which during holidays and sales appear considerable enough.

If you do not have a subscription, you can only play some MMO games, indie, and free-to-play projects.

How to share games?

Today you can share your favorite game on PlayStation 4. It is not at all necessary that a friend has the same game, Sony allowed to play in co-op with one copy. Of course, this is due to certain restrictions, but rather soft ones that do not interfere with a comfortable game.

Game Share (also called Share Play) is a function that allows you to play over a local network with your PSN friends. The main advantage of the service is that the second participant does not have to buy a copy of the game. With the help of technology, other users can watch the broadcast of the game or become a participant in it. All the listed benefits are available after clicking on the “Share” button.

What are the limitations of Game Share technology?

Basic requirements for session participants:

  • To transfer the controller, you need a PlayStation Plus membership. To play together, the paid service must be active for both gamers.
  • The game must be available in the store at the current time.
  • The host and the second participant must be PSN friends.
  • The maximum number of participants is 2.
  • You cannot use the PlayStation camera in this mode.
  • The parental control level, as well as the age limit, must allow the game to run.