Best board portal practices for board minutes & decisions recording

Hosting a board meeting is half the battle. It is also necessary to record the decisions taken in the form of minutes of the meeting, as well as to inform everyone about the results of the meeting. This can be done using the board portal, which not only records the meeting but can also help with the formation of the protocol. To your attention are some of the most successful examples of the program and a detailed explanation of how protocols are drawn up.

How are protocols drawn up?

Any protocol, regardless of the type of event, consists of three parts:

  1. Header.
  2. Basic.
  3. Decorating.

The key components of the header should be located in the upper right corner of the center of the sheet. It usually describes which company is holding the meeting, who is attending, when, and where it happens.

In the title of the future protocol, it is imperative to indicate which body is responsible for the production of this protocol. After all, not only the board of the company but also the chief managers of the enterprise, expert commissions can participate in the meeting.

Protocols are of two types: full and short. Such a division depends on the completeness of the coverage of the issues considered at the meeting. At the same time, the main part of the full protocol is also divided into two parts: introductory and main. The introductory part contains information about:

  • The chairman (or presiding) of the meeting is the head of the body holding the meeting.
  • Secretary of the meeting – the employee who draws up the protocol; the names of those present at the meeting (meeting); invited persons (if any).
  • Agenda – issues under consideration.

In this case, if a large number of people attended the meeting and it is inconvenient to indicate the names of each, their number and a link to the list of those present should be noted. Each issue on the agenda is indicated in the prepositional case, numbered in Arabic numerals. You must also add the speaker’s last name and initials.

Best Meeting Minutes Software

Among the most popular and popular programs for holding virtual meetings of the board and the formation of protocols are:

  • BoardMaps. This software allows not only to hold meetings and form minutes after them, but also to store and edit documents, sign them, and helps in decision-making. BoardMaps saves a lot of time for managers.
  • iDeals. With this software, it is convenient to keep each member of the board up to date on the most important decisions made in the company. On the platform, you can confer and record the results of meetings in the form of minutes.
  • Boardvantage. A powerful professional tool developed by Nasdaq. There are a lot of tools for working with documents, holding meetings, and logging the latter.
  • OnBoard Passageways. Reputable software has been on the market since 2003. It is ideal for financial, non-profit, and healthcare organizations. An extensive arsenal of tools is offered for holding meetings and creating minutes, transferring authority in connection with the decisions made.

You can learn more about the benefits of special software for managers on the pages of the website There are not only useful articles about the choice but also ratings and reviews of the most popular Board Portal.