Best KPI dashboard for business

KPI is a measurable metric that demonstrates how effectively a company achieves key business goals. So, this article will investigate the examples of top-rated KPI dashboards.

System of KPI as a guarantee of effective business process management

The modern business environment is quite changeable and is characterized by increasing competition. Significant influence of internal and external factors, increasing the cost of resources, new technological solutions – all these factors push the owners of companies to look for new methods of business process management to maintain a competitive position in the market and achieve the highest financial results.

Given the basic principles of management, the improvement of the process, in general, should begin with the stage of assessing the current state of development of the company. The analysis is of remarkable importance in business process management through opportunities to identify gaps, shortcomings, imperfect mechanisms. The most popular modern method of business evaluation is the KPI system or key performance indicators, which are used by most large global companies. The main performance indicators are the company’s measured goals are usually related to strategy disclosed through performance management tools such as balanced scorecard.

KPIs are important tools for corporate success. Here are just some of the benefits of implementing KPI management software:

  • A platform for creating, managing, and analyzing KPIs has been set up.
  • Ability to use a highly specialized system instead of traditional methods (such as spreadsheets) that are prone to errors.
  • The software visualizes data in an accessible form using graphs and tables.
  • A powerful tool for real-time performance monitoring and cause detection

What is KPI dashboard?

As KPI dashboards become more common in today’s fast-paced organizations such as SaaS and cloud companies, they are usually a consumer format in which a person can view their data in real-time, while reports typically represent a specific snapshot at a time. One of the most common cases of using the KPI toolbar is startups, which share their key performance indicators of the organization to achieve consistency with all employees.

Each indicator panel is designed to perform three sets of functional tasks, such as:

  • Tracking critical business processes and activities using indicators efficiency
  • Identify the causes of problems through analysis of relevant and relevant information
  • Manage people and processes so that find optimal solutions, maximize the effect, and lead the organization in the direction of achieving goals.

There are three types of dashboards: 

  • Software solution for process management in business. The analytical panel collects information from various divisions of the company. The manager can track the dynamics of sales and profit figures, the accountant can monitor the movement of funds.
  • Campaign monitoring. As examples, we give again Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics. These services allow you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Condition tracking. An analytical system that monitors the state of any process becomes a real business assistant.

The best alternatives of  KPI dashboard for business

Today the dashboard is the best tool for monitoring and analyzing information about the effectiveness of business processes. Depending on the set enterprise management tasks can use operational, tactical, and strategic types of indicator panels.

The list of the commonly-used dashboards comprises the following services:

  1. Klipfolio
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. Tableau
  4. Click
  5. Domo
  6. Klipfolio
  7.  Actions
  8. Idashboards
  9. LinkedIn 
  10. Zendesk